Steve Henry
was my boss and teacher at HHCL for 13 years. He taught me about the importance of creating work that is 1. original 2. original and 3. original. And he taught me a lot besides.

Like how to make a good script a great script. Like embracing risks or as Steve put it – "don’t be scared of fucking up mate". And importantly, from the point of view of trying to be a decent creative director, he taught me how to spot good ideas and nurture talent.

But Steve isn’t getting this President’s Award because of what he’s done for me.

Steve has also given incredibly generously to the advertising industry. He’s written more than a few great advertising campaigns for a start. And there’s been the huge part Steve’s played in creating HHCL – a unique and innovative creative force that changed the face of advertising creativity for all of us.

But above all, his intelligent insights and challenging views have kept the advertising industry on its toes for years. Every year Steve gets more radical and more passionate about creativity. At the same time he gets less satisfied with, and less tolerant of bland thinking.

Advertising can be a very conservative, complacent business. As long as Steve’s around, there will always be someone to give it a good kick up the arse. Thanks mate.

Al Young
President of The Creative Circle
Banks Hoggins O’Shea / FCB